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Our Goal

Distinction in maintenance and operating jobs, and eligibility that the company is classified from the first class during the five years synchronized with 2030’s vision. 

Our Vision

 To be better in quality, faster to provide, and the most modern technology to provide the services to our customers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Countries as well fully accordant with all of our plans to 2030’s vision

Our Message

Presenting the functional services perfectly, and innovate high quality solutions that help in the development field and support 2030’s vision

Our Investment

The Project “Hire” in 2016 was like a digital beneficent to support importing and marketing also rotating employees’ services among foundations and companies.

The Project “Distribution House for General Trade” is to cover the commercial importing demands in many commercial areas.


Saudi national company headquartered in the city of Dammam and its branches between Al-Ahsa province and the city of Jubail